Nebula Logistics Africa
(formerly Barloworld Logistics)

Welcome to Our New Home!

Our name has changed to Nebula Logistics Africa but our vision is still to be a market leader in supply chain solutions through vested partnerships, enhanced technology and agile business processes. We aspire to create trusted supply chain solutions that make a world of difference in the lives of our clients, colleagues and shareholders.

Our Strategic Intent

Why do we exist?

We enable supply chain excellence by engaging in vested partnerships with all stakeholders as a catalyst for social change.

What do we offer?

We design optimal supply chain solutions with our clients, orchestrating execution through managed logistics services. 

How do we behave?

We practise mutual respect with open and honest engagement, continuously improving through fact-based initiatives.

Nebula believes in the future of South Africa and is passionate about making a difference through caring. As a proudly South African company, we have our roots firmly entrenched in the South African economy and have a passion for local socio-economic contribution and upliftment. Our goal is to protect our environment for future generations which we achieve through practising sustainable and sound warehousing, logistics and supply chain principles.

  • Are you looking for a supply chain partner who cares about your business and understands the local environment?
  • Is your supply chain giving you the competitive edge you need?
  • Are your warehouse management system (WMS) and transport management system (TMS) technologies unintegrated, cumbersome and outdated?
  • Is your supply chain keeping up with the rest of your business?

Digital omnichannel commerce, fast product life cycles and increasingly discerning customers are just some of the challenges facing today’s supply chains. Collaboration with the right partner using end customer data and insights with predictive analytics is essential to create a personalised and optimised supply chain that delivers sustainably and cost-effectively. Our business success is built on collaborative partnerships, developed over time, that are based on trust and deliver on defined outcomes and goals.

Our 21 years of experience have taught us that your supply chain is increasingly the competitive edge you need for your business. 

Business is personal because people contract with people who they trust have their best interests at heart and the best solutions for them.

How can we help you to optimise your supply chain?



We offer a full range of warehousing activities tailored to our clients’ needs.

We act as a 3PL or 4PL to ensure an optimal warehousing solution, whether managed or leased, bonded, dedicated or multi-principal; and offer the following services:

  • Receiving
  • Cross-docking
  • Fine and bulk picking
  • Despatch management
  • Contract logistics
  • Returns and reverse logistics

We design, manage and operate end-to-end warehousing solutions tailored to deliver bottom-line benefits.


Nebula Logistics Africa provides an optimal distribution solution through our established partnership network with our 3PL and 4PL service providers to offer our clients a comprehensive, efficient, flexible and sustainable distribution solution across southern Africa.

Primary, secondary and last-mile distribution
Load consolidation
Reverse logistics

Our network optimisation creates efficiencies and reduces costs in our clients’ supply chains.


We offer e-fulfilment, TMS and WMS solutions to manage and control your daily supply chain operations giving you real-time visibility and improved efficiencies.

If you would like one of our experts to get in touch with you to discuss your supply chain needs, please reach out to us at